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Innovation & Restoration

Nature based solutions for Florida's waterways.


Aquatic Nutrient Harvesting

Invasive Weed & Muck Removal

Our innovative technology removes, processes, and combines invasive vegetation from the surface of lakes and muck from the bottom.

The Vortex Canal Cleaning

Muck & DEBRIS Removal

The Vortex Canal Cleaning™ is a revolutionary system that efficiently removes debris and muck from canals, kayak trails and channels.


Aquatic Excavator

With the ability to go anywhere, the aquatic excavator can clean up any waterway with the smallest ecological footprint.

Boom Harvesting

An effective and efficient way to harvest invasive vegetation. Works best in conjunction with the GreenMach One. 

GreenMach One™

Innovative technology that works with Mother Nature to restore balance while cleaning up our waterways.

About Us.

Aguaculture founder, Nick Szabo has long had a passion to help Mother Nature. It began on a hog farm located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada where he was born and raised. At a very young age he recognized the inefficiencies within his own family farm and began implementing unconventional solutions that were often deemed “unworkable,” yet turned out to be revolutionary. As a case in point: at the age of 19 he developed a unique manure loading system that hauled manure 300% more efficiently than anyone else in the industry. 

Over the course of the last 3 decades, Nick has systematically embarked on several bioremediation projects culminating in the forming of Aguaculture. 

Our Mission.

Our mission is to restore and maintain an ecological harmonious balance between Florida’s waterways and the human activities surrounding them by implementing innovative, sustainable, and viable solutions that work with, not against, Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is not the enemy.

Invasive Aquatic weeds and algae are a problem. But they are only doing the job they were assigned by Mother Nature to address the real problem - euthrophication. Although not native to Florida, these plants are simply attempting to restore a natural balance by absorbing pollutants and nutrients into themselves. However, when they die, they settle to the bottom and decompose into muck essentially storing the nutrients, only to be stirred up and returned to the water column once again, perpetuating the cycle.

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