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Our Mission.

Our mission is to restore and maintain an ecological harmonious balance between Florida’s waterways and the human activities surrounding them. We are in the business of reducing the cost of nutrient removal,  boosting the local economy by creating farm jobs and aquatic harvesting jobs, and saving Florida’s waterways at a lower cost to taxpayers than current conventional methods.

A Dream Come True…Literally.

About AguaCulture

With over 30 years of experience in the agricultural
industry mastering logistics, land management, lagoon remediation
and crop consulting, AguaCulture has transferred that knowledge
and expertise to the aquatic weed harvesting market providing a
NEW perspective on Aquatic Weed Management.

Aquatic Weed Harvesting

Our invasive vegetation harvesting and legacy nutrient biomass removal method is the first major evolution in the aquatic weed and nutrient reduction technology industry since the 1940s.

Phosphorus Removal

In real-time, we process the vegetation on-site and apply it immediately to the surrounding farmland as a soil amendment, whereby it is removed by plant uptake via hay production.


The hay crop is then harvested and distributed to organic farms and cattle ranches to be consumed and ‘processed’ further, thereby distributing the phosphorus on a wider scale.


Mother Nature is not the enemy.

Invasive Aquatic weeds and algae are a problem. But they are only doing the job they were assigned by Mother Nature to address the real problem – euthrophication. Although not native to Florida, these plants are simply attempting to restore a natural balance by absorbing pollutants and nutrients into themselves. However, when they die, they settle to the bottom and decompose into muck essentially storing the nutrients, only to be stirred up and returned to the water column once again, perpetuating the cycle.


AguaCulture works with Mother Nature, assisting her rather than fighting her. The weeds contain a wonderful combination of nutrients for grasses. By removing the weeds and processing them, we are repurposing them as a soil amendment. We then apply it to grassland and harvest the grass for cattle, converting an unwanted waste problem into a highly desirable solution.


Beyond Tomorrow

Economy & Ecology

Ultimately, the driving purpose of AguaCulture Technologies is to create positive effects, both economically and ecologically, simultaneously.

Our goal is to clean up Florida’s waterways faster and more efficiently than ever before, while increasing the tax base by creating jobs. 

Let’s Get Wet

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